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Mexico Sends Bold Warning To US After Mother Of 2 Gets Deported… But They Forgot 1 Major Detail
Posted by Charles Campbell
Mexico sent a bone-chilling warning to the US that’s turning a lot of heads. This is one message that will definitely grab Donald Trump’s attention…Read more…
VIDEO: Crowd Cheers as Man Gives Woman BRUTAL Shariah Law Punishment
Posted by V Saxena
In a disgusting incident coming out of a “moderate” Islamic country, a crowd cheers as a man gives a woman a brutal Shariah law punishment… and it was all caught on video. We warn you, this is graphic… Read more…
Watch: Beckel Tells Guilfoyle Wall Will NOT Be Built, Then She Makes A Bet… Viewers STUNNED
Posted by Jack Davis
Kimberly Guilfoyle just showed everyone how confident she is that Trump’s border wall WILL be built. Bob Beckel was not expecting THIS… Read more…
“Obamaphone” Moochers Just Got MASSIVE Bad News… Trump Strikes Again!
Posted by Shari Savage
The infamous “Obamaphone” program is finally getting some Donald J. Trump-style supervision… here’s the way that the moochers’ ride may be over. It looks like Donald J. Trump has struck again in a major way! Read more…
WATCH: Jesse Watters Proves Millennials Protesting Travel Ban Haven’t a CLUE
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
Jesse Waters has managed to embarrass the left again… see how he proves that millennials protesting the travel ban don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. This is definitely a wake-up call about how clueless the left is… Read more…
ALERT: Chelsea Clinton Reveals If She’s Running For Senate
Posted by Jack Davis
This could have a big impact on the Democratic Party… Read more…
Fox Sports Analyst Has Disturbing Message for Super Bowl Champs Planning on Visiting Trump
Posted by K. Campbell
A major Fox Sports analyst has a disturbing message for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Here’s what he’s saying about the traditional visit with President Donald J. Trump. What do you think about this analyst’s demands? Read more…
Media Launches Vile Attack On Donald Trump’s Father That Forces An Instant Apology
Posted by Jack Davis
The media has continued to attack Donald Trump’s family, but their latest attack now targets family members who aren’t even alive. This could be a new low… Read more…
BUILD IT: Look Who Just Started Building an 8-Ft. Bulletproof Wall… Where Are Libs Now?
Posted by Davis
Still think liberals are against walls? Well, one very liberal entity just started building an 8-foot bulletproof wall… and the left is TOTALLY silent. Where’s your anti-wall rhetoric now, liberals? Read more…
Edward Snowden’s Lawyer Breaks Silence With Huge Announcement That’ll Grab Trump’s Attention
Posted by Jack Davis
A lot of rumors have been swirling about Edward Snowden’s next move, and now his lawyer has finally come forward… Read more…
Woman Born in Nazi Germany Asked if Trump’s Like Hitler… Response Should Go Viral
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
This woman who was born in Nazi Germany was just asked if Donald J. Trump was like Hitler… her response was PERFECT. This deserves to go viral… let’s make sure that it does. Read more…
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