ALERT: Illegal immigrant children now going to states without notice?…….

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July 14, 2014
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Obama’s Katrina


ALERT: Just say NO!!
This unseemly situation is continually evolving and it is really important that we make our voices heard!!

Please do not allow the federal government to house illegal aliens in our state. The Obama administration is responsible for the influx at the border and should not be forcing our state to deal with the consequences.

Elected officials in two states far from the U.S.-Mexico border have claimed that the Obama administration has resettled hundreds of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children without adequate notice and has refused to detail the exact locations where the children are being kept. This is totally unacceptable.

The Governor and the legislators and the people of the State of Tennessee a have a right to know and be given a CHOICE about bringing into the state illegal immigrants of any sort.

I am also asking that the border be secured BEFORE any other action is taken, that NO emergency shelters for UACs to be opened in TN, that all refugee resettlement to be halted until the surge at the border is resolved, and finally, NO to amnesty.

Senator Lamar Alexander Email
DC Phone: 202-224-4944

Senator Bob Corker Email
DC Phone: 202-224-3344

Out-of-state Subscribers can find your Senators HERE.

Tennessee Subscribers can find your congressman HERE.
Please note: If you choose to email instead of call, the websites normally only let the constituents send emails to their own congressmen. Obviously, you can place a phone call to any of them.

For out-of-state subscribers you can find YOUR congressman HERE.

Contact Gov. Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ramsey and Speaker Harwell and tell them that any plan to assist the federal government with the border surge must be approved by the Tennessee General Assembly:

Gov. Bill Haslam – (615) 741-2001,

Lt. Gov. Ramsey – (615) 741-4524,

Speaker Harwell -(615) 741-0709,


Nebraska gov, Illinois senator say White House sending illegal immigrant children to their states without notice


PREDICTED 10 YRS AGO: No Child Left Behind: New Rules for Unaccompanied Minor Illegal Aliens
OUR VERY OWN: By Don Barnett December 2004

Download this Backgrounder as a pdf


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McCaul lays out options for GOP border response

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul signaled on Sunday that House Republicans will demand various policy changes in exchange for approving some emergency funding to respond to the crisis at the southwestern border.

Among those options include tweaking the 2008 anti-trafficking law dealing with unaccompanied minors that makes it more difficult to deport children from countries other than Canada or Mexico back home, McCaul said.

Republican lawmakers are also considering his border-security bill as part of their recommendations, the Texas Republican said. The legislation, which passed unanimously out of his panel last year, calls on the Department of Homeland Security to create a plan that ensures that within five years, at least 90 percent of people making illegal border crossings along the southwestern U.S. border are apprehended.

(WATCH: Sunday shows in 90 seconds)

It’s happening: Border Patrol personnel infected by illegal immigrant flood
Along with piteous pictures of children flooding across our borders and being distributed across the country courtesy of US taxpayers come disease vectors. Maybe flying them around to various parts of the country isn’t the smartest idea. NBC News reports:

A border patrol agent was diagnosed with scabies after processing undocumented immigrants in Otay Mesa, California, the agent’s union representative said. Ronald Zermeno, health and safety director for the National Border Control Council union, said the agent told him that he observed several people with open sores while screening them in preparation to be released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Scabies is caused by a mite that burrows into skin and lays eggs, causing an intense itching and rash, according to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a letter to the chief patrol agent of San Diego’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Zermeno said border patrol agents processing the undocumented immigrants were told that those arriving in California had been pre-screened for health conditions.
This sounds to me as if these people crossed over in Texas and were flown or bussed to California. How else would they be pre-screened? Hmm, I wonder if the airplanes and busses have been decontaminated? If not, we are talking about spreading disease to everyone else who uses them.

Agents in California, however, were not advised to decontaminate themselves or their uniforms, he added. “This demonstrates that we are not properly trained to identify infectious disease and to properly respond when we suspect a disease,”

This is even more alarming. We have disease-ridden unfortunates flooding in, and our first responders are not trained to handle the disease vectors they bring.

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