BREAKING: Trump Signs New Exec Order, Turns DC Upside Down Like Never Before * Conservative Brief

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BREAKING: Trump Signs New Exec Order, Turns DC Upside Down Like Never Before
Posted by Jack Davis
While everyone was focused on the new health care bill, Donald Trump signed a powerful executive order that caught everyone off guard. This is massive… Read more…
WATCH: Punk Beats Helpless Cop… Never Sees What’s Sneaking up Behind Him
Posted by Kim Smith
In Florida, one violent punk was beating on a helpless cop. He thought he had this deputy just where he wanted him… but he didn’t see what was sneaking up behind him until it was MUCH too late. It was all caught on video, too… take a look. Read more…
Trump Has A VERY Special Plan For His Presidential Salary… Media Cannot Believe It
Posted by Jack Davis
This announcement is really catching the media off guard… They were not expecting this… Read more…
SHADOW GOVT: Obama’s Plane Takes Unexpected Detour, Hours Later Trump Gets Bad News
Posted by V Saxena
Obama’s plane took an unexpected detour earlier this week. Normally that might be no big deal, but where he went and what happened to Donald J. Trump afterward will drop jaws. This will NEVER get reported in the mainstream media. We’ve got to spread the word… Read more…
Watch: Tomi Lahren Goes On ‘The View,’ Says 1 Thing To Joy Behar – That’s When Crowd ERUPTS
Posted by Charles Campbell
Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren just sent ‘The View’ audience into a FRENZY, and it’s easy to see why. This interview quickly took a surprising turn that no one could have predicted… Read more…
Pres. Trump Does It Again! Hits Welfare Leeches with Devastating News
Posted by Davis
Donald J. Trump just managed to deliver bad news to the left AGAIN. Here’s how he hit welfare leeches with some DEVASTATING news… Awesome! Read more…
Watch: Shep Smith Reveals TRUE Feelings About Kellyanne Conway On Live TV – Viewers Speechless
Posted by Fred Maxwell
Shepard Smith left the Fox News audience at a loss for words when he said THIS about Kellyanne Conway… Read more…
Chaz Bono Insults Trump Supporters… Hannity Torches Him With PERFECT Comeback
Posted by Davis
When Chaz Bono insulted Trump supporters, Sean Hannity was having none of it. Here’s how he torched Cher’s daughter-turned-son with a PERFECT remark. Way to go, Hannity! Read more…
Trump Makes Surprise Phone Call To Tomi Lahren – Reason Why Will Have Supporters Cheering
Posted by Charles Campbell
Tomi Lahren got the surprise of her life from Donald Trump… Read more…
DANGER: If Your Phone Rings Once Then Goes Silent, Immediately Check 1 Thing
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
If you have a cell phone, you need to read this…Read more…
Afghan Amb. Reveals 1 Unexpected Question Trump Asked Him… Obama Will Be Sick
Posted by V Saxena
Afghan’s ambassador to the United States just revealed one unexpected question that President @Donald J. Trump asked him… here’s why this is going to have Barack Obama absolutely SICK. This one question could change the war on terror in a massive way. Read more…
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