Freedom Works: Movement continues to grow in size and influence

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FreedomWorks Joins Forces with Young Americans for Liberty

Great news from the FreedomWorks network: in the coming weeks, our team is partnering with Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) to organize 10 grassroots State Conventions across the country!

National Announcement flyer graphic.jpgNorth Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, Alabama, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Jersey, and Florida — these are must-attend events! Check out the details and the exciting keynote speakers we’ve confirmed.

As the Freedom Movement continues to grow in size and influence, it becomes even more important to attract young, libertarian-minded millennials. These young adults are full of energy and passion-an unstoppable combination in the fight for lower taxes and limited government. That’s why FreedomWorks will have a presence at each and every YAL State Convention this spring. On March 23, I will be giving the keynote address to the convention in Indiana.

Find the YAL State Convention closest to you, grab your friends and fellow activists, and register today. There is a limited number of seats at each event, so don’t wait!

Announcing: Free the People 2013

For the past two weeks, FreedomWorks has been hinting at an upcoming event in the weekly newsletter and over social media. Activists have been asking, the news is buzzing, and the grassroots are ablaze with curiosity.

Free the PeopleThe wait is finally over.

This week, we are excited to announce a brand-new event coming this summer to Salt Lake City, Utah. On July 5th from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM, FreedomWorks will celebrate the American entrepreneurial spirit in an event we call Free the People 2013. Teaming up with Glenn Beck’s “Man in the Moon” show on the following night, this will be the most unique, two-day liberty event of the year!

Be sure to get your tickets to Free the People 2013today. With each purchase, you will also receive a ticket to Glenn Beck’s “Man in the Moon” show. That’s two events of the price of one!

Click here to check out more information on Glenn’s event.

Atlas Shrugged Part II Now On Sale!

Atlas Shrugged Part II is now on sale and you can order the FreedomWorks Special Edition.

Atlas_Shrugged_Part_2.jpgThe special edition comes loaded with exclusive features including a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s production process.

No other movie presents such an unapologetic defense of free market capitalism like this one. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who values the principles of economic freedom and limited government.

Click here to order the FreedomWorks Special Edition of Atlas Shrugged Part II now.

Next Week’s Livestream

Be sure to tune in to the upcoming FreedomWorks on Tap this Wednesday at 7PM (EST). Starring FreedomWorks Director of Outreach Deneen Borelli, the topic of discussion will be on minority outreach and what the Freedom Movement can do to bring the message of free markets and individual liberty to a wider audience. You won’t want to miss it!


movie of the week.png

Livestream lady's night.pngThis week’s video features Jackie Bodnar (FreedomWorks Director of Communications), Kristina Ribali (Director of New Media), Juile Borowski (Policy Analyst), and Emilia Huneke Bergquist (Events Manager) discussing women in the Freedom Movement and President Obama’s new minimum wage proposal.

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