Glenn Beck’s Program Today: Brad Pitt’s mom goes off on Obama

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July 06, 2012
On Today’s Program

Countdown to Restoring Love: Restoring Courage
As the days to Restoring Love draw near, Glenn wanted to take you along with him on the journey that brought us to this crucial point in American history, a point in which the people play a critical role. Once people had looked inward and got the ‘crap’ out of their lives – the next obstacle to tackle was stepping out of our comfort zones and restoring courage. The courage to speak out, and the courage to stand with those being wrongfully targeted — a prime example being Israel. Just days after Glenn announced the event, Obama made a startling declaration regarding ‘peace’ in the Middle East. See more as we look back at Restoring Courage HERE.
Get all the details on Restoring Love – and get INVOLVED:
Why atheist SE Cupp wouldn’t vote for an atheist president
One would think an atheist would be the most likely person to support an atheist candidate for President of the United States. SE Cupp shocked the panel recently with her declaration that she would not vote for an atheist. As usual, her answer was well thought out and very well reasoned. See her explanation via TheBlaze.

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The video pro-choicers don’t want you to see
It’s also a video non-believers may find troublesome to their disbelief in a higher power. It’s a time-lapsed view of a face developing in the womb, which shows that the baby doesn’t just grow, instead “Their formation is a complicated ballet of growth and fusion of moving plates of tissue.” Hard to believe this ‘complicated ballet’ was born out of primordial soup. Watch the amazing video at TheBlaze.

Fiery anti-Obama, pro-Christian, pro-Romney letter to the editor — from Brad Pitt’s mom?
Seems impossible that a Hollywood liberal like Brad Pitt would have conservative parents, but apparently that’s the case. In the letter to the editor urging Christians not to disregard Romney because of his Mormon faith, she is virtually the polar opposite of everything Brad Pitt says he believes in. So, as one Blaze commenter points out, this could be called an anti-Brad Pitt letter as well. Full story via TheBlaze.
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Megyn Kelly calls out guest who refuses to call Obamacare a ‘tax’
The Obama team is in full damage control mode after the Supreme Court of the United States declared that Obamacare was indeed a tax. Obama has sent out spinsters to try and make the case to the American people that it’s a ‘penalty’ not a tax. Megyn Kelly called out the BS to one unfortunate surrogate who was given the task of lying to the American people. Watch the clip via TheBlaze.
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