It’s time to #DrainTheSwamp! – Jenny Beth Martin

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Get yours!

Tea Party Patriots just released these new DRAIN THE SWAMP bumper stickers because we are fed-up with career politicians, lobbyists, and media liars in D.C. who are undermining and obstructing President Trump’s pro-America policies.

DRAIN THE SWAMP Bumper Sticker

Get yours now with a donation of $45 or more to Tea Party Patriots today!

Then slap it on your car or truck and show your support for border security, budget cuts, economic freedom, and total repeal of Obamacare.

We’re organizing Tax Day Tea Parties all over the country on April 18th and I want to see thousands of these DRAIN THE SWAMP bumper stickers.

Because the politicians still don’t get it. From their foot-dragging on border security to the “RYNOCare” big government healthcare bill, Congress is serving lobbyists and leaving taxpayers behind. 

So “we the people” need to rise up again and demand the politicians do the jobs we gave them in 2016:

  • Cut taxes and get the government’s boot off our economy!
  • Confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court – NOW!
  • Secure the border, deport illegals, no exceptions!
  • Repeal every word of Obamacare – no “RYNOCare” replacements!

So please, get your DRAIN THE SWAMP bumper sticker now and show your support with pride!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

P.S. Career politicians, lobbyists, and assorted “swamp creatures” in D.C. want to keep over-spending, keep the borders wide open, and “replace” Obamacare with another government-controlled welfare bill. Help Tea Party Patriots fight back with your DRAIN THE SWAMP bumper sticker.  Donate $45 or more today and you will automatically get one before they run out. And your gift will help us push hard-core conservative legislation to President Trump’s desk.  Thank you!

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