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If you are not actively working on saving our Country….Here is an update that may spur you into productive activity.
Karen Bracken is a true patriot and has compiled a wonderful summary of what is currently on the radar!
Get involved and make a difference today….or deal with the consequences.
Mishelle Perkins
P.S. Thank you Karen!
From: Karen Bracken <karenbracken5@gmail.com>
I just returned from 4 days in WI.  We tried to do months of planning prep work in 4 days and I am exhausted but I wanted to send a coalition email before I had to return to WI next week.  My email is so far behind and hope you will understand if you are waiting for a response from me.  If it is urgent that you hear from me please put URGENT in the Subject.
CALL YOUR Secretary of State NOW.  Ask them what they are going to do about this?? Will the votes from your state be counted in Spain???
A presentation about ICLEI I am sure will open your eyes about ICLEI.  They are not only a threat to our local community they are a national threat.  (1 hr.)
A long time advocate for Global Warming is admitting he might have overreacted.  I have included two articles and if you research him you will find he has been one of the experts relied on for his theory on global warming.
It ain’t over yet folks.  Gee could the genius of Ron Paul outsmart all the other campaigns?  I hope for the future of our country he pulls it off.  We must get out of the UN and we must end the FED if we ever intend on saving our constitution.
Unfortunately I think this is much truer than we think. 

Tom DeWeese tells us about THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD (1996)

Who is Right About Agenda 21?  by Henry Lamb
Snapping Up and Locking Down the Land
I am not a big fan of Dick Morris but I purchased his book SCREWED and I highly recommend you buy it too.  This book is so spot on it is scary.  What really scares me is if Dick Morris knows all of this then we know there must be many others in DC that know too.  And why are they not standing up and fighting for our country, freedom and our constitution???  Because they are politicians. Politicians worry about only 2 things.  1.  Getting power  2. Keeping power.  I am totally convinced that WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to stand up and fight this battle like many of our forefathers did.  Our elected officials are not going to do it.  I do believe there is still one candidate in the race that would help us take our country back but the media has been given orders to marginalize him and they have done a good job.  And the sheeple follow along with what the media tells them.  So I am back to WE THE PEOPLE.  Buy this book and be sure to pass it along to someone that has no clue.  Buy several copies. It is imperative that people find out what is happening.  And he does talk about Agenda 21 in the book.
Bilderberg Conference – May 30-June 3 in Chantilly, VA – If you live in VA or near Chantilly you might want to organize some rallies out front of the location.  Get the US OUT OF THE UN signs might be nice.  SAY NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER might be another good one.  Don’t need a ton of people but a group to be there each day would at least let them know we know about them.  The site below will have live coverage.  Not sure how they are going to pull this off but I am going to start checking the site to see what they have.
Identify Bilderberg as the Real 1%
Venetian Black Nobility Roots of Todays Ruling Oligarchy
And a short video – 6 minutes
I have attached a short paper on the Treaties we need to fear from Obama. While other Presidents have refused to ratify these Treaties Obama and Hillary are vowing to get them passed.  And we all know that when Obama wants something he gets it one way or the other.  If a Treaty is not ratified he will get them passed by a bill or Executive Order.  WE MUST STAY on top of these Treaties and start making some real noise.
I recommend going to agenda21today.com and purchasing a box of 1000 Gadsden postcards ($85).  List the Treaties on the back and make a short statement.  IE: Oppose these Treaties or find a new job!!  Then send them to EVERY Republican Senator and send them often.  Keep them flowing.  Have Postcard night with your Tea Party members. TREATY OF THE SEA is scheduled to be presented to the Senate for ratification in June.  So start the callls and cards now.
The Senate ratifies Treaties by a 2/3 vote.  The House has no say.  And once a Treaty is ratified it cannot be repealed.  It takes a Constitutional amendment or an agreement by the other countries that ratified the Treaty to allow us to back out.  And we all know how that will work out for us.  The description I have attached is brief.  While there are some good things in some of the treaties most of what they protect are not needed in America.  But everyone threatens our sovereignty and redistributes our wealth.
Gov. Haslam of TN refuses to sign HJR587 passed by both the TN House and Senate.  He took his lead from the special interest (and Democrats) and we in TN will make it our sworn oath and duty to ensure this Governor does not see another term as Governor of Tennessee.  We are now on a scouting mission for our candidate.  It will take us two years to get this candidate groomed and known around the state.  The Tea Party WILL decide who the next Governor of TN will be.  And it won’t be Haslam!!
Ok after our team in Bradley County was successful in thwarting McBride-Dale-Clarion attempts to conduct visioning sessions they resorted to conducting a Charrette.  A Charrette is really nothing more than a charade and is used to stop opposition.  BUT we once again thwarted their efforts.  After a two day charade we gathered on day 3 to get the feedback from the previous 2 days.  Well there were no results shared.  WHY you say………..because the feedback was too negative.  How arrogant are these people.  Because the feedback was not what they wanted (nor was it what they expected) they decided not to share the results.  WELL WELL WELL we will not be stopped.  So we paid for two ads to run in the Bradley County Banner and the ad was also posted in Chattanoogan as an Opinion piece.  I have attached the ad/opinion for your enjoyment.  If anyone is interested in how we out smarted the Charrette please feel free to contact me. I put together a power point and will be happy to review it with you and share the ppt with you so you can use it should a Charrette be used in your city/county.  A nice planner allowed us to take pictures of every survey.  After going through the pictures we calculated 73% of the surveys expressed STRONGLY DISAGREE results.  We did not post those actual results to protect our source.
One of our very own, John Anthony, has taken his Agenda 21 show on the road.  John has given presentations all over New Jersey (his home state) New York and PA.  Well John is now speaking all over  the country.  If you are interested in having John speak to your group let me know and I will put you in touch with John.  John is the person that created the very famous 14 minute You Tube entitled AGENDA 21 FOR PUBLIC OFFICIALS.  I have heard John speak and he offers a refreshing change from the ordinary Agenda 21 presentation.  His presentation is approximately 90 minutes and Q&A to follow.
Now why would ICLEI be so interested in RIO if they have nothing to do with Agenda 21.
Who is Really in Charge of the NWO?
What is on the menu at RIO+20?
“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the Government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” ~Justice Louis D. Brandeis
Karen Bracken

“The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice.” – Barack Hussein Obama
“The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.” – Ayn Rand
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