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There is a swift current of hot complaints against Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black and the other Tennessee Congressmen who like to be seen as connected to conservative issues and causes. Just as alcoholism is a sickness, so too is excessive consumption of power.

The symptoms? Progressive acts such as voting FOR John Boehner on Tuesday to be retained.
Progressive acts such as endorsing liberal Republican Lamar Alexander a year before the election.

The Diagnosis? Schizophrenic allegiance with accompanying irrational behavior of being torn between two lovers.

The Etiology? Unstable principles brought on by indecision of whether to keep promises to the Constituents or the Party Leaders in DC

The Cure? Surgery with tincture of sunshine and ballots. If our representatives won’t defend us and our values, we must replace them. No one is beyond recall. No one.

The Democrats detest and want to fundamentally change our American customs, history, and values. The Republicans claim to love our customs, history and values but are unwilling to defend them.

Are you familiar with the statement, “Now is not the time to have a showdown with the Democrats. Wait until we have control of one-half of one-third of the government.”? In 2010 you and I gave them the House.

“Wait until we have control of the Senate.” In 2014, you and I gave them the Senate.

In November, we gave the Republicans control of the House and the Senate, then, removing from the incoming freshmen, their right to vote on the next budget, Boehner secretly met with Obama to produce a budget that funded all of Obamacare and Amnesty through September. Just couldn’t pass a CR to get those rascally freshmen to February, could he?

Yesterday, Boehner spoke of the need to “listen to the people”. He is deceived and detached from reality just as Romania’s President Ceausescu was by those around him whose importance depended upon his uninterrupted greatness. Before a hunt, his staff would drug bears with narcotics mixed in honey, rendering them helpless to escape the deadly skills of their incomparable dear leader’s marksmanship. Not known for intellectual depth, Ceausescue’s humble beginnings (he made shoes) are comparable to Boehner’s in a family where education and studies competed for the labor of an 8 year old to work in the family bar. Both started small and ended big, needing sustained affirmations of greatness, even if self promoting. That Christmas day 1989, before the firing squad, Ceausescu declared that history would secure his revenge, believing in his greatness to the end.

Our Congressmen will tell us that they value loyalty, that they are loyal to the people at home and need us to be loyal to them. If Marsha or Diane had voted for Boehner and he’d not lost, like Congressman Daniel Webster of Florida, they would be removed from the prestige of committee assignments. What would drive such revenge? Well, of course, their disloyalty.

Boehner doesn’t find dealing behind closed doors with Obama and Reid as disloyalty to his colleagues and thus why shouldn’t he expect loyalty from them?

Congressman Blackburn and Black, talk is cheap.

Twelvers, I wonder if any of you recorded our Tennessee delegation affirming their commitment to remove Boehner. Please send it to me if you have and it can be added to this list below which came from this link.



Baffling. Sickening. Pathetic. Cowardly. Dishonest.

If one lives in a nearby district, support a conservative primary challenger. Keep firing these bums until we find some honest patriots who do as they say. Not when it’s easy, but when it’s tough.


sTevo said…

This is exactly why I was not ecstatic the morning after election day.

Barry Popik said…

I’m proud to have left the Republican party. They do not represent me. Boehner gives Obama everything he wants, but gives tea party Republicans nothing. Hey Boehner, what about that big tent? Who can support a Republican party that attacks conservative Republicans?

Patriot in Texas said…

Boehner’s newest bitches!

d charles kenny said…

You left out Mia Love
Where is Sarah Palin whose endorsement got her in

directorblue said…

@d charles kenny –
did Mia Love campaign on ousting Boehner?

Martin said…

And Hice is a Southern Baptist pastor? Glad he’s not from my district. The venerable RS is awash with mitigated pseudo-condemnation. A lie is a lie. There is however now no shame in that, on either side.

sarge said…

Laudermilk is in my district he gotten my last vote looking forward to the primary in 2016 to oust him now. We didn’t need a go along speaker of the house we needed voice to fight the Obama dictatorship.

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