One Heartbeat Away from Socialism


One heartbeat away from Socialism

Posted by Judson Phillips on April 5, 2011 at 9:07am in Tea Party Nation Forum

America is one heartbeat away from socialism. One simple heartbeat.

Most folks that read that would think, ‘does that mean if Obama dies or leaves office, Biden would take this country straight to socialism?’


Biden is not the issue.

There are five potential heartbeats that separate America from socialism. All Obama needs is one of them.

The five are the five conservative members of the United States Supreme Court. Since Obama has kicked off his reelection campaign, one of the most crucial issues will be the Supreme Court.

In the last few years, a number of important Supreme Court cases have been decided by 5-4 margins. These include Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, which protected the Second Amendment and Citizens United, which protected the First Amendment. The conservative bloc is made up of Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. Kennedy is considered a swing vote but more and more is voting with the conservative block. The liberals are Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer and Ginsburg.

Under the heading, elections have consequences; the failure of the Republican Party to nominate a conservative who would energize the base and bring victory in 2008 has meant that Obama has put two on the Supreme Court, Sotomayor and Kagan. Should there be another vacancy, particularly if it is one of the conservative justices, he will have the chance to put a third on the Court and that would give liberals a majority on the court, potentially for decades.

With the almost certainty that the Obamacare litigation, plus perhaps other litigation related to activities of the regime reaching the Supreme Court, that reason alone demands that we make certain that Obama is not reelected in 2012.

Just because we can get a Republican in the White House in 2012 does not mean we are safe. Eisenhower was once asked if he made any mistakes as President. He said, “yes, two. And they are both on the Supreme Court.” Eisenhower, who was the personification of a country club Republican, gave us William Brennan, perhaps the worst justice in modern times and Potter Stewart. Nixon did give us Rehnquist, but also gave us Harry Blackmun and Lewis Powell. Ford gave us John Paul Stevens, another great disaster. Reagan did elevate Rehnquist to be Chief Justice, and gave us Scalia, who has been great and Kennedy who has had his moments. He also gave us Sandra Day O’Conner, also another disaster. G.H.W. Bush gave us Thomas but also gave us David Souter and George Bush gave us Roberts and Alito, who are both outstanding, but he also tried to give us Harriet Miers.

The moral of the story is liberals give us liberal judges and conservative presidents, well; it is a crapshoot what they give us.

The problem with the Judiciary is that when it was created it was the weakest branch of the government. When the Constitution was written Federal Judges were given lifetime tenure because that branch was so weak. In 1803, in Madison v. Marbury, the Court gave itself the right to declare legislation unconstitutional. Until that point, the judiciary had very little power. Now, with the power the judiciary not only has, but frequently uses, there are no checks and balances. When conservatives control Congress as the White House again, one of the priorities should be an amendment to the constitution changing the tenure of Federal Judges, including the Justices on the Supreme Court from life, to six years with the requirement they stand for popular election, just like all other officials.

Robert Bork said it best, “What judges have wrought is a coup d’état, – slow-moving and genteel, but a coup d’état nonetheless.”

Meanwhile, we must defeat Obama in 2012. All he needs is one more justice on the Supreme Court and our freedoms could be repealed by judicial fiat.

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