Personal Liberty Alerts From Bob Livingston: Goldman Sachs Rules The World

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Goldman Sachs’ Shadow

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Personal Liberty Alerts: Live Free in an Unfree World
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Latest From Bob Livingston February 20, 2012
Goldman Sachs’ Shadow Goldman Sachs’ Shadow » Goldman Sachs is the ghost over America, and it is a proxy for the elite crime that has wrecked the country and impoverished the middle class. Goldman Sachs rules the world for the 1 percent. The U.S. political system — indeed, that of the whole world — is dysfunctional because it is run by Goldman Sachs for Goldman Sachs. More »
On Your Own
Preparing for Hand Sanitizer-Resistant Infections Preparing For Hand Sanitizer-Resistant Infections » Recently, I was reminded about the importance of being able to self-support. Earlier this month, hundreds of passengers on two cruise ships, the Voyager of the Seas and the Crown Princess, contracted norovirus and experienced extreme “digestive system distress.” More »
Personal Liberty News
New York Police Stop And Frisk Record Numbers New York Police Stop And Frisk Record Numbers » New York City is at the center of the police state. New York City Police Department officials say that last year, police officers officially recorded more than 684,000 stop-and-frisks — a 14 percent increase from the year before. More »
Here’s a Special Message From Our Friends at RD Nutrition
The Real Cause Behind Elvis’ Bloated Belly and Early Death?
Elvis PressleyMost people assumed Elvis died from a heart condition, but his personal physician says otherwise. In a recent NY Daily News article, his former Doctor says it was CHRONIC CONSTIPATION that killed the King.
This is also one of the reasons why Elvis looked so unhealthy and bloated late in life. Because a congested colon and weak digestion can not only make you look “puffy” or overweight… it can even shorten your life. This video gives you simple steps to restoring your digestive health, while looking slimmer and younger than ever before. WATCH NOW
FCC Issues New Rules For Robocalls FCC Issues New Rules For Robocalls » New rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission put limits on telemarketing companies that call or text message you. According to CNN, the rules will expand upon limits put in place in 2008 by the FCC regarding automatically dialed or pre-recorded calls. More »
Film Documents A Year Of Eating Local Food Film Documents A Year Of Eating Local Food » A film premiering next month at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, chronicles an Alabama couple’s attempt to live for a year on food grown only in their home State. More »
Bacon And Eggs, Breakfast Of Choice For Pregnancy Bacon And Eggs, Breakfast Of Choice For Pregnancy » If you’re pregnant and have a hankering for bacon and eggs, you’ve got good nutritional evidence to back up your culinary desires. Research into fetal development shows that the fetal brain needs relatively large amounts of choline for proper growth. Both bacon and eggs are rich in this nutrient which is also found in other meats. More »
Commenter’s Corner
Commenting on Maine’s Electoral Funny Business

Jonathan D Yellowbear says:
February 15, 2012 at 12:04 pm
I can tell you that I was involved with the count of the straw poll in Kennebec County, Maine. I can tell you that from where I sat Ron Paul was the winner that day of the Count. When I went to the reading of the winners in Portland Maine, I was stunned and set back when Charlie Webster said that Mitt Romney won Maine’s Straw Poll. I can tell you that is ABSOLUTELY AT TOTAL LIE!!!! RON PAUL was the winner in Maine NOT Mitt Romney. I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter, However he did win, I am not certain of the rest of the count. Just thought you all would like to know from someone who participated in the process.
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