Should Texans be scared of the first Islamic Tribunal in the U.S.?

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February 10,2015
On Today’s Program

On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn was joined by Dr. Taher El-Badawi and Imam Moujahed Bakhach to discuss the Islamic Tribunal in Texas. Believed to be the first such body operating in the United States, the tribunal operates as a legal non-profit and follows Sharia law. In the interview, Glenn let the two men speak at length about the role of the Islamic Tribunal in their community and what they really believe. You do not want to miss this. WATCH
It wasn’t that long ago that we were telling you that true love can be found even in the weirdest of places – like the jail cell of notorious evil cult leader Charles Manson. Well, unfortunately for poor Charlie, it turns out that his bride-to-be, 53 years his junior, had a very dark and twisted motivation for going through with the nuptials. MORE
Soldiers have called out Brian Williams for misrepresenting the details of his reporting in Iraq. Williams has taken a leave of absence from the news desk in the wake of the controversy. Now, the New York Times is saying that he could be suffering from “false memory”. Is this a real thing…or is the media just trying to protect one of their own? Glenn has the story HERE.
Let’s be honest, if you thought anyone from the show would have done time in jail, it would have been Jeffy. We’re not convinced he hasn’t spent time behind bars, but we learned on radio today, that Pat actually spent the night in jail on his wife’s first Mother’s Day. Hear the whole story HERE.
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Google-owned Boston Dynamics released a video of their latest robot dog “Spot”. The robot wanders the hallways, climbs stairs, and navigates rocky terrain outside the office building. But things get scary at 28 seconds into the video, when someone tries to kick “Spot” over. WATCH Agenda 21: Into the Shadows
Two years ago, Glenn and Harriet Parke introduced the national bestselling novel, AGENDA 21, about a future dystopian world in which America has given way to a place called “The Republic,” and in which freedom has given way to a new singular cause: to create clean energy. Now the story continues with the thrilling sequel: AGENDA 21: INTO THE SHADOWS. Get caught up on the original book, or learn more about the sequel HERE.

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