Tennesseans in Ohio!



This was shared with me during a face to face meeting last night

with a friend I have known 30+ years… Feel free to share as

much as possible… Dave

Hello Dave. You can cut and paste this message at will.  Alas, I think it best if you leave me anonymous.   We undoubtably have clients who would not understand this viewpoint.    And, my laptop is ancient and the apostrophe and other punctuation is broken so please ignore punctuation errors.
I heard a few weeks ago on Michael Delgiornios show that volunteers were needed in Virginia since Tennessee was surely going for Romney.  When I looked at the map I saw  the greatest problem swing state was Ohio.  Well, I had never been to Ohio so decided to go to Columbus Ohio to volunteer for the Romney campaign where I could make the biggest difference.   By the way Columbus was a lovely city and I had a change to do a little sightseeing and had some great food!   I was there for five days and worked the phones for them and also attended a campaign rally.    In Ohio they have mailed absentee ballots to every registered voter and most have turned them in and voted absentee unlike Tennessee.   So, I talked to several hundred people and they almost all told me they were voting for Romney or were in process of sending in their ballot to vote for him.  I did not hear the name Obama one time.    The volunteer who trained me had made 24,000 calls!   I went to the rally in Lancaster Ohio which is a small town the size of Sparta.  There were at least 10,000 people there. When I saw the coverage on the news later it looked like there were about 100 there.  I saw it for my own eyes!   Now, indeed it was a very pretty Friday afternoon.    Most of us walked a good way to the rally, and were searched by secret service agents and  waited a long time.   Paul Ryan s three kids were leading the pledge of  allegiance. Then Rob Portman  spoke.   Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney lead a great rally.  Everyone I talked to on the phone was a registered voter.  I can not believe that Romney is not ahead !!!!!   One of my favorite calls was from a 92 year old who said I have a message to Ann!  She could just envisage me sitting right there next to Mitt and Ann!

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