Watch: ‘Fox & Friends’ Looks Right Into Camera, Sends Muslims Very Surprising Message * Conservative Brief

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Watch: ‘Fox & Friends’ Looks Right Into Camera, Sends Muslims Very Surprising Message
Posted by Fred Maxwell
Many Fox News viewers were caught off guard when they saw this unfold on live TV… Read more…
Update: Terrorist Body Count After “Mother Of All Bombs” Blast Hits Shocking Number
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
We’ve just gotten an update on the terrorist body count after the “Mother of All Bombs” strike in Afghanistan, and it’s just hit a SHOCKING number. I guess it really DID earn that nickname… Read more…
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Neil Gorsuch Finally Has First Day At Court, Immediately Leaves His Mark In A Big Way
Posted by Randy DeSoto
Neil Gorsuch just showed everyone exactly why Donald Trump chose him to replace Antonin Scalia. Read more…
BREAKING: USS Carl Vinson Picks Up 2 Undesirable Followers Off Korean Coast
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
The USS Carl Vinson made headlines by being dispatched off of North Korea to guard against Kim Jong Un’s saber-rattling. Now, it’s making news again, this time by picking up two undesirable followers off of the coast of the Korean Peninsula… Read more…
Watch: Sessions Strikes Fear into Heart of Sanctuary City Mayors with A 10-Word Promise
Posted by Kim Smith
If you’re in a sanctuary city, Attorney General Jeff Sessions just struck fear into your mayor in a major way. Here’s the ten-word promise he made that has liberals VERY scared. Read more…
Former Obama National Security Adviser Just Dropped The Hammer On Barack [Video]
Posted by Jack Davis
“Because they knew that the Obama administration would never…” Read more…
Internet Notices Something Very Out Of Place During North Korean Parade Of Missiles
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
It’s called the “Day of the Sun” — the biggest holiday on the North Korean calendar, and the day when corpulent strongman Kim Jong Un parades all of the country’s military might. This year, however, the internet noticed something VERY out of place during the parade. Read more…
Breaking: New Weekly NK Exercise Could Drive Us Straight to WWIII
Posted by Ben Marquis
North Korea has vowed a new weekly event in the face of “American aggression” that will do nothing but fan the flames of war… Kim Jong Un is poking the bear, and he doesn’t want to see where that gets him. Read more…
Breaking: Hours After NK Missile Launch, S Korea Gets a Major Visitor
Posted by V Saxena
Hours after a failed North Korean missile launch, Kim Jong Un got a surprise near his southern border. This is adding some major insult to his already damaged ego… Read more…
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