WATCH: Tim Allen Goes On Jimmy Kimmel, Sends Anti-Trump Hollywood Elites A Message They Can’t Ignore * Conservative Brief

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URGENT: Supreme Court Justice Breaks Silence to Issue Stark Warning to America
Posted by Ben Marquis
Supreme Court justices typically don’t talk about political issues publicly. However, Justice Samuel Alito just broke his silence to issue a stark warning about where he sees our constitutional rights going… When a Supreme Court justice speaks this bluntly, you can tell he’s serious. Read more…
Afghan Amb. Reveals 1 Unexpected Question Trump Asked Him… Obama Will Be Sick
Posted by V Saxena
Afghan’s ambassador to the United States just revealed one unexpected question that President @Donald J. Trump asked him… here’s why this is going to have Barack Obama absolutely SICK. This one question could change the war on terror in a massive way. Read more…
Watch: Shep Smith Suddenly Turns On Fellow Fox Host LIVE On Air – Viewers Can’t Believe It
Posted by Fred Maxwell
Sheppard Smith just went rogue like never before… Read more…
Crazy Lib Rips U.S. Flag Down, Screams 1 Word That Confirms Her Stupidity
Posted by K. Campbell
One crazy liberal is making headlines after she ripped the American flag down during a protest. While she was at it, she screamed one word that proved just how stupid she is… Read more…
BREAKING: Top Trump Adviser Faces Calls For Resignation For Shock Reason
Posted by Jack Davis
Shock news just in about one of President Trump’s top advisers. Read more…
Obama Wrecked Tiny Coal-Mining Town… But Look What Trump’s Done in 60 Days
Posted by Kim Smith
Under eight years of the Obama administration, the tiny coal-mining town of Hazard, Kentucky took some of the hardest blows, all thanks to the president’s agenda. However, after 60 days of Donald J. Trump, things look a lot different… Read more…
Breaking: Rachel Maddow Just Got TERRIBLE News
Posted by Jack Davis
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow just got slapped with devastating news following her Trump tax dud. Read more…
CEO Has Job Hunters Take a Test… Libs Furious for ALL the Right Reasons
Posted by Wilmot Proviso
One CEO has created a test for job seekers, and it has liberals furious for all the right reasons. Here’s the awesome test that he’s come up with… I get the feeling a lot more employers are going to use this. Read more…
WATCH: Reporter Tries Sneak Attack On Sean Spicer – It Does NOT Go As Planned
Posted by Jack Davis
White House Spokesman Sean Spicer did not take the bait… Read more…
Queen Elizabeth Just Changed European Union Forever With Devastating Announcement
Posted by John Falkenberg
The game just changed, folks. The EU is in HUGE trouble after this. Read more…
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