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Wilson County Tea Party
Wilson County Tea Party Newsletter
October 2012
Sherrie Orange, Chairman – Wilson County Tea Party
Ladies and Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES.  Early voting begins on October 17th and ends on November 1st.  PLEASE vote early.
This election is not about an individual man.   It is not about which man speaks smoother or has a bigger smile.  It is not about which man is more ‘hip’ or how much money they have.  It is about deciding which fork in the road we want to take as a country. It is about failure vs. prosperity.  It is about deciding whether you want to take Obama’s path to make the ‘rich’ become poor or Romney’s path to make the ‘poor’ become rich.  It is about deciding whether you want to become a weak nation under Obama in which America is apologetic for its strength as he tries to diminish our greatness or a strong nation under Romney in which America is a world leader and leads the way for all nations to become prosperous.  It’s not an election about a man.  It is an election about our future.
This is the most important election of your lifetime.  Please participate and vote right.

Obama and His Communist Mentor (Article)

The Wilson County Tea Party is working with several other tea parties on a billboard campaign to raise awareness about several of Governor Bill Haslam’s anti-conservative, anti-Constitutional positions.  The first will go up on October 15th and we need your help to pay for these billboards.
The goal of the first billboard is to call attention to Governor Haslam’s recent establishment of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) to the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security.  According to a November 2011 thank you/congratulatory letter from the Commissioner of the TN Department of Homeland Security, Bill Gibbons, to the Governor, the establishment of AMAC is “a critical step to building mutually respectful relationships between law enforcement and American Muslim communities across our state.”  Mr. Gibbons goes on to state that he believes that “long-term trusted relationships are vital to countering prejudice, extremism and criminal activity and to the sharing of information.  Your involvement and leadership is a clear example of the American ideals of freedom, equality and democracy.” (Letter)
According to KeepTennesseeFree, the group behind the billboard campaign, the goal of the first billboard is to “to gain additional perspective regarding the inroads Political Islamists have made within Tennessee, including the specific assistance of the Haslam Administration in this regard”.  Below is information that the group provides about this issue:
“Before proceeding further, it should be emphasized that we should all support freedom of religion for all Americans. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly establishes government protection of the free exercise of religion. Political Islam, however, is anchored in Islamic Sharia which mandates that all other beliefs and laws submit to the tenets of Sharia.
Islamic Sharia law has two parts: Religious Sharia that applies only to Muslims, and Political Sharia which applies to non-Muslims. A large majority of Sharia is Political Sharia which applies to non-Muslims. Unlike our constitutional guarantees of freedom, Political Sharia requires complete submission to Sharia Law. The elements of Political Sharia and corresponding threats to our constitutional freedom and governance are the focus of concern. It is Political Sharia that the Islamists seek to impose on non-Muslims.
Sharia declares itself to be the supreme law worldwide. This is in direct conflict with our American system of governance wherein the Constitution serves as the supreme law for civil matters. As the writings, declarations and actions of Political Islamists unequivocally indicate Political Sharia is not only incompatible with our U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions, it is subversive to same. It necessarily follows that Islamists who promote Political Sharia seek to subvert and replace our constitutions.
Whether unknowingly or by design, the actions of the Haslam Administration have served to promote Islamic/Political Sharia within the State of Tennessee. These actions cannot be allowed to stand if we are to ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.
The above offers a basic understanding of the subversive nature of Political Sharia and why it represents a danger to Tennesseans. The actions of the Political Islamists within Tennessee, however, appear to follow a roadmap designed by the Muslim Brotherhood – the founders of al-Queda and numerous other Islamist terrorist groups – some years ago.
Techniques the Muslim Brotherhood openly published that they are using here in the United States include:
*      Keep the infidels ignorant of the true nature and progress of Sharia
*      Prohibit “blasphemy” and “xlander” of Islam
*      Demand concessions
*      Utilize educational vehicles
*      Interfaith dialogue
*      Shariah-Compliant Finance
*      Insinuate Shara into U.S. courts
*      Place Muslim Brotherhood members and associates into positions from which they can exercise influence
Knowledge is our best protection and insuring our legislators are knowledgeable is of extreme importance.
The KeepTennesseeFree website also provides additional links and videos about this critical subject.  You can see them here.  Donations can be made there also.  We encourage you to support this important project with a small donation.
On the related note, did you know that Governor Bill Haslam recently appointed a devout Muslim, Samar Ali, to oversee the TN Department of Economic and Community Development’s international activities?  Although Ms. Ali’s credentials are extensive, the fact that she is a devout Muslim has caused much concern amongst many TN citizens who fear that our Governor is allowing our state to fall prey to infiltration of Islam into our state government.
In late August, an eastern Tennessee resident wrote the following letter to the Governor about Ali’s recent appointment as well as the interaction between state government and the American Muslim Advisory Council:
August 25, 2012
Dear Gov. Haslam,
I am writing to express my disappointment of your appointment of a Sharia Law Compliance expert, Samar Ali, as well as the involvement and continuing dialogue of state departments with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC). Sharia Law, which includes Sharia Finance, is a violation of the separation of church (religion) and state. There is neither need nor excuse to recognize and give privilege to a particular religion as well as ensure that trade and economic practices were in compliance to a particular religion. It’s not needed, it’s not constitutional and it’s not what our principles stand for.
Is it because we can’t get past this idea of Islam being ‘only’ a religion that we are affording them special places within our government? Even if it was only a religion, it is still violating the separation of religion and state – why not give us a ‘Bible Compliant Officer’? Sharia is not only religious law, but it is government and political law everywhere it is practiced – and it is social law. Is it because it is ‘politically correct’ right now to do such as you are doing? (I’m thinking of Rep. Michelle Bachmann right now who is being maligned for doing a normal function of her job – an investigation – looking into the Muslim Brotherhood’s ties with the State Department, as you may know).
Further, there has been much documented and investigated about ‘Sharia Finance,’ and “charities” that are being used to fund terrorism here and abroad. Time prevents me from going through all the information I have of money being channeled overseas (will forward you a couple articles). Also, ‘Sharia Law’ includes Islamic ‘supremacy,’ makes women inferior, stonings, etc. that it deserves absolutely no recognition in our government (and the Left even dares to complain about Chick-fil-A by comparison!).
There are investigations going on right now about the effort to “purge” our FBI and security documents from references to Islamic terrorism. I hope you’ve also heard of how Islamic organizations such as CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) have been indicted in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial as co-conspirators in the terrorism financing scheme? Please do some research into the Muslim Brotherhood and their stated number one goal of purging Western societies from within and overthrowing “their miserable house” and setting up a Sharia state – a Caliphate. Please sir, explain your rational? Wanting to be nice to them in hopes it will turn them around won’t work. Of late, this has been their tactic to cozy up to our government and cry “wolf” – this is ‘Cultural Jihad’ – or “stealth jihad.” I’m sure they’d like to a make friends with you, persons in positions of power – what better way to advance their cause! I say this in all due respect, but the evidence of their craftiness is all too abundant, and real!
Again, please stop promoting the infiltration of Islam in our State Government, and that is not just my opinion! Most of its leaders, and its goals, are a modern Trojan Horse in our midst!
In a response from Governor Haslam’s office dated August 29th, the Governor’s office made an attempt to provide assurances that the Governor has no intention of allowing the advancement of Sharia law or Sharia-compliant finance in this state.  Although the response provided Ms. Ali’s qualifications for the position (“Samar worked with the Senior Staff of the Department of Homeland Security through the National Security Council on counter-terrorism efforts.  She has a top-secret security clearance from the United States, meaning she has passed the highest levels of security screening“), the Governor’s spokesperson conveniently neglected to mention that Ms. Ali is an expert in Sharia Compliant Finance.
Many informed Tennesseans, however, fear that the Haslam’s naïveté regarding the true goals of the Muslim religion will allow infiltration of this radical group into our daily lives in a slow yet methodical manner.  At the same time, many feel that the Governor’s lack of awareness may serve to open the door for intelligence gathering by many of these nefarious groups as well as policy influence which may not have America’s best interest at heart.    The Governor seems to be woefully ignorant of the fact that Islam is not ‘just a religion’ but that is has proven itself time and time again to be behind multiple acts of terrorism against non-Muslims both in America and other nations abroad while making no secret about their hatred for this country and western civilization.  (Article)
Many Americans – even those with minimal knowledge of the Islamic faith – are aware that the Muslims have a goal of spreading their religion worldwide by sheepishly disguising it as a religion of peace. Despite repeated denial of this goal on the part of some Muslims, evidence of this intention can be seen in many foreign countries such as France where, in 2011 former-French President Sarkozy denounced ‘multiculturalism as a failure’ after it was finally revealed the country had come to the realization that the Muslims were infiltrating French society in order to establish a parallel Muslim society rather than assimilate into French society.  Many have no doubt that this is their intention in America but the ignorance of our state and federal government officials about this goal is frightening.  (Article)
A local example of this infiltration was recently exhibited when the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro issued a teacher’s guide to the Murfreesboro schools to ‘assist’ them in dealing with Muslim students (Brochure).  Although this document may have not been met with suspicion by ordinary citizens had Islamists not been responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans on 9/11, the November 2009 murder of 12 (and wounding of 30) during the Fort Hood shooting, the June 2009 execution of 2 soldiers at an Arkansas recruiting center, the recent execution of four Americans at our embassies in the Middle East and many other ‘incidents’ that have taken place in the name of Islam, it is particularly disturbing that our elected officials seem to race to comply when the Muslims make ‘quiet’ demands on our society while, at the same time, these officials run from any attempts by Christians to continue time-honored traditions – such as a school prayer before a football game – that has been practiced since the founding of our Christian-based country.
This brochure also makes it quite obvious that Muslims want us to assimilate to THEIR culture rather than requiring that they assimilate into ours.  Some of the items on this brochure may seem fairly benign but many believe that it is just the beginning of their effort to shape the minds of Americans to accept the Muslim way of life and to make decisions within our culture that adheres to Islamic social law, political law and, eventually, Sharia.  In November 2011, for instance, a Massachusetts school district announced that it was the first school district to give all students off for a Muslim holiday.  (Article)  Is a similar school holiday in Tennessee’s future since the Islamists represent of the fastest growing groups in this area?  (Article)
In the brochure issued to the Murfreesboro schools by the Murfreesboro Islamic Center, one section is particularly disturbing:
“Many Muslims feel that their faith has been treated with bias in textbooks and school programs.
Although availability of more accurate and balanced materials is increasing, the continued use of outdated materials in classes reinforces perceptions of Islam as a foreign creed and Muslims as enemies. Such divisiveness has contributed to incidents of harassment and violence against Muslim students. In a number of cases, Muslim students have been mocked as “devil worshipers,” & “camel jockeys.
School boards may want to review policies and programs in light of the increasing Muslim population in our public schools. Textbooks that contribute to religious prejudice are not suitable. Books that lack reliable information are usually replete with mistakes about the basic Islamic beliefs. Qualified Muslim educators should participate in the textbook selection process, particularly for history, social studies and geography texts.”
In other words, they want to have input into how America presents the Islamic religion to our children.  Although we do not condone mistreatment, harassment or mischaracterization of any individual or faith in any way and fully support freedom of religion, we feel that it is imperative that we ensure that incidents such as the 9/11/01 massacre on American soil are represented accurately and completely in school textbooks regardless of who might be offended by the truth.  This includes the fact that the 3000 innocent Americans slaughtered in New York City & Washington D.C. on that day were murdered in the name of “Allah”.  We must not allow critical details of these incidents to succumb to political correctness nor do we believe that those who committed these egregious acts should be shielded from blame.   In addition, “basic Islamic beliefs” do not belong in school textbooks unless “basic Christian beliefs” – selected by “qualified Christian educators” – are going to be listed side-by-side for comparison.
A fine line exists between our beloved 1st Amendment which allows, in addition to free speech, the freedom to practice the religion of your choice, and the rights of all Americans to ensure that they live in a society free from harm from within.  We must not allow those who mean us harm to attempt to silence our concerns.  Our concerns are real.  The 9/11 massacre was real.  The Fort Hood shooting was real.  The takeover of our American embassies and the murder of four of our citizens were real.  The other ‘incidents’ that were perpetrated against America in the name of Islam were real.  Our concerns are not unfounded and we must not be silenced.  We must remain alert and vigilant.  However, we must remain stewards of our freedom.
… And just the other day, on a social website, a Muslim who wants us to believe that he is a friend of the tea party … had a notation posted from his friend that said …
“All the enemies of Allah should fear the Muslims”
Beware of infiltration.

Remember, Romney has promised to get rid of Ben Bernake while Obama promises to keep him.

2007:  Obama Inciting Racism (Follow-up)(By the way, Katrina got more than TWICE as much funding as the Hurricane Andrew and 9/11 tragedies COMBINED!) (More Follow-up)

In February 2009, Newly inaugurated President Obama pledged to “CUT IN HALF THE DEFICIT I INHERITED by the end of my first term” (Video).
Assuming he was referring to the $10 Trillion dollar debt at the time, his pledge was to cut it in half – to $5 trillion.  Today it stands at over $16 trillion.
If he was referring to the 2008fiscal-year deficit, the last year of the Bush Administraiton, the deficit was $800 billion ($700 billion in tarp money was also paid out but about $500 HAS BEEN PAID BACK; THE OTHER $200 HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN the$800 BILLION FIGURE SINCE IT WILL LIKELY NOT BE REPAID).  In 2009 under obama, the deficit was $1.4 trillion, IN 2010 – $1.29 tRILLION, iN 2011 – $1.3 TRILLION, iN 2012 – $1.1 tRILLION.
The real truth is that President Obama has NO Credibility on fiscal issues.

The Supreme Court and the Presidential Election
Something to remember when voting in the coming weeks …
During the next four year Presidential term, it is highly likely that one or more Supreme Court Justices will retire and new Presidential appointees will be installed.  If President Obama is elected for a 2nd term and is allowed to select a replacement for a Justice considered to be ‘conservative’, it will tip the court to a majority liberal court.  The result of a liberal court could adversely affect life in America for the next several generations as liberal judicial activism takes the place of our representative government.

2012 Presidential Endorsements
(We’re unable to find any economists supporting Obama but most of the actors in Hollywood are for him!)

President Obama missed 60% of his intelligence briefings since his first day in office.  Do we want a President who is too busy to pay attention to a daily briefing on America’s security?  Isn’t our security his number one concern (or shouldn’t it be)?

A special thanks to Ben Cunningham, John Harris, Dan Zimmerle, Brittany Calhoun and Rep. Mark Pody for making our October 4th Fall Event at the Wilson County Fairgrounds a smashing success!

For those of you who attended our 10/4 Fall Event at the Lebanon Fairgrounds and brought home lists of names of Ohio voters with the intent of sending pre-stamped postcards to these non-committed voters to encourage the election of Mitt Romney, we ask that you please take the time to write/mail these postcards.  We MUST fight to win  Ohio for Romney if we are to oust Obama on 11/6.  Early voting has already started in Ohio so please send those postcards as soon as possible.

% chg
Avg. Retail price/gallon gas in U.S.
Crude oil, Per barrel
Gold: Per ounce
Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL
Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL
Sugar, cane, raw, world, ton
Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall
REAL Unemployment rate (U-6) – those who have dropped off rolls (including part-timers who want full-time work
Civilian employment participation rate
Unemployment rate, blacks
Number of unemployed
Number of Federal Employees
Real median household income
Number of food stamp recipients
Number of unemployment benefit recipients
Number of long-term unemployed
Poverty rate, individuals
People in poverty in U.S.
U.S. Rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings
Present Situation Index
Failed banks
U.S. Dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate
U.S. Money supply, M1, in billions
U.S. Money supply, M2, in billions
National debt, in trillions
As you may have heard, President Obama is touting his great ‘accomplishment’ of reducing the unemployment rate to 7.8% after almost 4 years in office.  This is the same rate of unemployment that was in existence when Obama took office.  That means that he increased our national debt by 52.44% to accomplish, well ….. NOTHING.
However, the new 7.8% rate is actually very suspicious.  According to the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when they surveyed employers, the conclusion was reached that they only created 114,000 jobs (which indicates a very weak economy).  At the same time, they want you to believe that, upon surveying individual citizens, more than 800,000 got jobs in the same month.  Therefore, the White House is claiming that suddenly – just one month before an election – a massive number of American citizens started their own business.
Yeah, right …

Youth:  Vote to protect my future (Video)  … think these law breakers are Democrats or Republicans?  (Article) … Remember, the Republicans want to expose the law breakers; Democrats don’t.  Maybe this explains why (Article) (Round 2) (Dems investigating group trying to eliminate fraud from elections) … Interestingly, we keep hearing that both sides cheat but almost all of the exposed cheating is from the left (Article)
Obama to Take Credit 2 Days Before the Election for the Navy Seal’s Stunning Bin Laden Raid (Article)
Obama’s Sharia-compliant military (Article)
Disaster Ahead (Article)  “On May 7th, it was revealed that the Obama administration spent $8.35 billion on a “demonstration project” designed to postpone the vast majority of Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage cuts until after the election.”
Above the law (Article)
A million dollars of your tax money used by government agencies for souvenirs (Article)
Genius… We need to give the illegals ‘papers’ so they can unionize (Article) … But, we’re giving them welfare (Article)
Does anybody REALLy believe that the President supports the 2nd Amendment? (Article) … Nah… However, he does support it for the Department of Homeland Security since it appears they need another 200 MILLION bullets to go along with the 1.2 million they’ve already ordered.  Surely there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this, right?  (Article)
Obama, YOU built this (Article)
Our royal family spends more than the one in Britain (Article)
More Obama ‘green’ money down the drain (Article)
I am tired of those who live off the government.  How about you?  (Article)
Honestly, can’t even put this into words; you have to see it for yourself (if you can handle it) (Article)
Want a free cookie welfare, little boy?  (Article)
Obama & Treasury involved in decision to ax GM management pensions in 2009 (Article)
Social Security Insolvency in 2012 … Does ANYONE really believe that the government is going to calculate this date correctly?  (Article)

Constitutionally Motivated, Morally Correct, Policy Driven
WCTP Chairman:          Sherrie Orange           (SGOBOWS@aol.com)
E-Newsletter Editor:     Cathy Sturgell   (wilsoncountyvotes@att.net)
Treasurer:  Mikka Worthington
Website:                     http://www.wilsoncountyteaparty.com
Voter’s Guide:             http://teapartywire.com/wilsoncountyvotes/
(NOT Wilson County Tea Party)   Please go to our new page and ‘LIKE’ us!

Wilson County Tea Party

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